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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. SiriMoto Flexfuel Kit Install. Thread starter FK8build Start date May 18, FK8build Senior Member.

This install is a 7 out of 10 on the hard side. If you are afraid of gas this is not your install. Everything came boxed up nicely. The instructions were great! In a lamented folder even!

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It took me about 4 hours from start to finish. The hardest part for me was getting the plugs thru the Rubber on the firewall. I didn't want to cut a big hole.

Loop the cable, Push the cable thru then push the plug once you got the cable on the other side. I had to take off the bracket that protected the fuel line Black bracket with 2 10mm bolts I used Sirimoto bracket on the top bolt and ditched the Black bracket.

Under the car just take the Metal plate off You don't need to take the front black plate off to reach the Radiator temp sensor. Driver side, by the Cold side Innercooler piping.

Just upload the Hondata tune and you are good to go!! No codes yet! I have not gotten any E85 yet ether. FlexRex Senior Member. Great job, that was quite some time. I go flex and back in min. Mine does everything through rear o2 connection. Reaching o2 is the hardest part of job because of location and you reach from underneath. The rest is easy and done from above in minutes.Forums New posts. Garage New media New comments.

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What is Flex Fuel, Ethanol and E85?

New posts. Motiv Flex Fuel Installation Guide. Thread starter doublespaces Start date Apr 24, Forums Engine N JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. First Prev 4 of 14 Go to page. Jeffman Captain. Jan 7, 1, Thanks, R. I now need to disconnect the short OEM flexible fuel in order to connect the Motiv short fuel line and ethanol sensor.

Edit: I figured it out. Removing just the bottom plastic panel beneath driver allowed me access to tunnel and fuel lines. After disconnecting short line in engine bay from hard fuel line was able to pry off the fuel line from the plastic connector attached to the tunnel. Disconnected the longer fuel line from a few of the clips heading towards the tank to create enough slack so that I could pull out the short line from the tunnel to have enough room to connect the Motiv engine bay fuel line and ethanol sensor.

Then fished the Motiv line back up the tunnel from underneath the car. Last edited: Jul 9, Apr 19, 1,Account Build List Track Checkout. Performance Upgrades '' With these kits and proper tuning you can run premium fuel or straight ethanol to give your LS3 or L99 the potential to produce more power and run efficiently.

how to install flex fuel kit

Kits are also compatible with forced induction setup's, so you can rest easy when adding boost to you LS3 or L Features: Plug and Play wiring harness Corrosion resistant plumbing material Factory style harness connectors with weather pack seals Genuine GM Flex Fuel sensor DSX Tuning 3D printed fuel line disconnect tool Note: Tune is required but without the tune you will not have the ability to switch fuels until functionality is active with the ECU.

Check engine light maybe present without tune. Tuning Tips verify tables below with your tuner : For enabling flex fuel the table below will need to be adjusted. GM Flex Fuel sensor is covered by a 30 day warranty from the date of purchase. Any damage caused by installer will not be covered under warranty. Add Flex Fuel Emblem.

Click to view option images. Add E85 Fuel Tester. Product Description. Similar Products you may be interested in:. RST X5 1. Easy install. Fast shipping and great quality. Reviewer: raydel carmona from naples, FL United States. View All Customer Reviews.I thought they were the same thing…. This percentage is legally mandated by state and local laws and can vary seasonally. Knowing the content allows the ECU to determine proper start up enrichment, fueling, timing, boost and cam control.

However, given the wide range of percentage of ethanol content in E85 fuels, you won't know exactly what percentage you're at currently or if it is the same percentage you were tuned for originally. The ECU will dynamically change the mapping based on any ethanol percentage. The total install time should take no longer than minutes.

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Our specific kit is designed to plug into your factory harness and factory fuel lines, along with proper mounting brackets that make for an OEM look, feel and finish.

No need to run wires through the firewall, no need to lift the vehicle. Just pop your hood, plug in and go. No wires are spliced no hoses cut, remove our mounting bracket, just unplug our system and plug your OEM system back in. Do I need two tunes with FlexFuel, one for E85 and one for gasoline petrol?

Our tunes are designed to determine the proper engine parameters based on the ethanol content of the fuel. What is Flex Fuel, Ethanol and E85? I thought they were the same thing… - Ethanol is an alcohol derived from distilling plant matter, typically corn and sugarcane byproducts.

Can my vehicle be returned to stock by simply removing the system? Why do I need to retune my OEM engine management? What is the benefit of Ethanol?This list and instruction sheet only covers the core components and not fuel injectors, etc. We begin the installation with the removal of the factory return fuel hose. It attaches on the front side with a quick disconnect clip green colored. The other end attached to the fuel rail system at its center, directly behind the intake manifold.

It is secured to the rail with two 10mm head bolts affixes to a fuel damper. Pictured above is the return fuel hose that is to be removed dotted in red. It has a green quick disconnect clip on the hard line fitting and attached to a damper in the center rear of the fuel rail and intake manifold. Upper intake manifold is removed here. This is most easily done with the removal of the upper intake manifold.

If you will be upgrading fuel injectors this is the perfect time to replace them and install this flex fuel kit. Pictured above is the same return hose but its other end. The bolts will be reused. Take care when installing the new return hose to prevent damaging the attached o-ring on the damper.

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Coat the o-ring with oil, Vaseline, or similar, to keep it from getting damaged. Apply some coating as well to the quick disconnect side. Pictured above is the new return fuel hose installed. Take not of the orientation of the flex fuel sensor and the routing of the return hose behind the main feed hose by the flex fuel sensor. New return hose is dotted red. Circled and pointed to with the screwdriver is the hole that the small connector end of the harness will route through.

The black circle is simply a sticker over an existing hole. Route the small end of the harness through the firewall hole.What's new New posts Latest activity. Members Registered members Current visitors. Log in Register.

how to install flex fuel kit

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Flex Fuel Kit for 2009-2015 CTS-V

Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter BobbyA Start date Feb 10, BobbyA Senior Member. What a difference it makes, it's not just tons of extra pull, but the motor has a whole new growl to it as well. I really like this kit, the fit and finish is polished and is done in such a way that if you want to remove it, will be fairly simple to return to factory settings. I think Hondata posted 65hp gain from using e85 with their tune, simply incredible performance for the money.

For now, I'm using the straight e85 at the pump, no further dilution. Here a couple notes if it helps anyone: 1 Takes about minutes, 10 of which is removing and replacing the under-body aluminum bonnet. I'm right handed so fyi, to get this sensor unplugged, the clip is on the very bottom, you'll need to push up on the clip and contort your LEFT hand and body in such a way you can push it off and then plug into the PRL line.

Get a lumens flashlight so you can see. It's a very tight spot and dark in there. About the only setting I changed or "opted in" for was the aggressive throttle response. See my pic with the screen shot. If YES, can you please screen shot them and post up? Last edited: Feb 19, I thought it was only good to run a blend of E for this platform or am I mistaken?

ParkwayDrive13 Senior Member.This product will connect inline with your fuel line and it will be constantly monitoring the fuels ethanol percentage and then sending a signal to the PCM. This kit will not work without our PCM Tune that is setup for it.

We have now added support for and LTG's as of February If you have the twin turbo 3.


Please choose the appropriate variant for your car. Performance increase you can feelnacross the power band.

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The car runs fantastic and have a smooth delivery of power. Paired very well with the tune. Great product that does what it is supposed to do. I have had the chance to run e85 since installing and you can feel a little difference when running it as opposed to Fits great and has a clean look.

Turbo Tim and his staff really know what they're doing. They guided me through the computer interface process better than the "tune shop" did!

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The car is so fast, I may buy a double harness seatbealt for the car! Instant response when stepping on the throttle. Laterz :. Close menu. Main menu. Open Go Back. Sign-In Register. Twitter Facebook Instagram YouTube.

how to install flex fuel kit

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